Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Official Cousin Reunion

This was our last official cousin reunion before everyone left the state of Utah. Lindsey is getting ready for a mission, Stetson is going to work in Brazil, Whitney is going to Boot Camp, Darcy is going to Korea, Jarom is further his career somewhere, Craig is moving to Idaho Falls, and Josh and I are moving back to Georgia. And just like that the Cousins are going to dissolve.

So we celebrated one last time together by snacking and playing games in the park and going back to the Robinson's to play PIT. *sigh* Oh Cousins, thanks for the good times.

PS--Did you spy the "monkey" in the tree?

Darcy's 24th Birthday

We celebrated Darcy's May birthday a little early since we would all be splitting separate ways this summer. Our priority was to pick out a decadent cupcake at The Cocoa Bean just down the road from us. Who could resist cupcakes such as: Marbled Chocolate Cream Cheese, Caramel Apple Pie, Luscious Lemon Raspberry, Party in My Mouth, and (my personal favorite) Better Than Whatever?! After spending a long time deciding, Darcy picked out the Grasshopper cupcake, I chose the Better Than Whatever cupcake, and Josh savored a delicious cup of raspberry hot chocolate.
We were the only ones in the cafe so, along with the cashier, we sang Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl. It's tradition in my family to sing the Mexican birthday song "Las Mananitas" as well but since neither Josh nor I know the lyrics very well we just mumbled through a rather awful rendition.

After our cupcake treat we went to an authentic, hole-in-the-wall taqueria. While we ordered our tacos we turned to the TV as the Telenovela stars began singing "Las Mananitas"! It was perfect! and really, really funny! We laughed and laughed as Darcy was serenaded by a handsome, guitar-strumming movie star.