Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Great Road Trip: Deep Creek

We went tubing again, this time down Deep Creek. There were thirteen of us (Susan, Alec, Scott, Craig, Jaclyn, Jarom, Whitney, Stetson, Lindsey, Cristin, FaFa, Josh, and I). We rented the inner tubes and drove a couple of miles down the road only to walk a 1/4 of a mile to hop into the river. Some of us tried to tie down our tubes on the roof of the car; others just held onto them tightly as they hung outside the Suburban's windows. As we trooped up the trail to a good spot in the river we sang the numerous verses of "The Ants Go Marching" which was complete with choreographed synchronized tube formations. We made quite the scene but it was hilarious!

The Great Road Trip: Nantahala Village

On Thursday, July 23rd, we all drove up to Bryson City, North Carolina to spend our reunion at the Nantahala Village. The entire group that got together consisted of:

Jeana Whetten
Curtis, Michelle, and Matt Whetten
Clarissa and Josh Haycock
Darcy Whetten and Tim Shaw
Cristin Whetten
Jarom Jordan
Whitney and Stetson Robinson
Lindsey Jordan
Conal and Monique Whetten + kiddies
Chris and Elena Whetten + kiddies
Craig and Jaclyn Whetten
Susan, Alec, and Scott Goldie

The drive up there looked something like this:

And the view from our collection of cabins looked like this:

The reunion consisted mostly of dancing, jokes, movie quoting, parlor games, eating, random videos made up by the Jordan cousins, Settlers, Crazy Eights, one big RISK tournament, a talent show, and unlimited outdoor fun.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Great Road Trip: Atlanta

After we went tubing in Helen, we drove down to Atlanta to watch the Braves play the San Francisco Giants.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Road Trip: Helen, Georgia

After arriving in Suwanee way past midnight, hugging and laughing and being silly, we crashed on every bed, couch, and air mattress available.

Our first adventure back home in Georgia was driving up to Helen and going tubing. Helen is a town that the locals have tried to make into a Swiss tourist attraction--a redneck version of Midway, Utah. Just skirting the edge of town is a small portion of the Chattahoochee River where they have tubing rides set up.

We piled Curtis/FaFa/Dad, Uncle Cedric, Uncle Craig, Aunt Jaclyn, Cousin Jarom, Cousin Cristen, and the two Haycocks into "Big Mama" and drove an hour Northeast to Helen. The complete trip is commonly referred to as "To Hel-en back".

The day was rather cool and overcast and the water was pretty cold. But keeping warm wasn't a problem since at least one of the eight family members was trying to chase after your tube and toss a large rock in or throw an even larger rock in your vicinity to splash cold river water on you or simply tip you out. I was the victim of a secret combination collaberated by Josh and FaFa. They ambushed me and threw me out of my tube, disrupting my peaceful float down "the Hooch". Soaking wet and freezing--I was mad. FaFa said that I got what I deserved but I don't seem to remember why....

After we all met up again, we joined Josh on his traditional visit to Granny's Famous Funnel Cakes. They're often the best part about visiting Helen.

You could say "Cool and the Gang."

Josh's cute face.

Getting ready to head down the river.

Dad posing with "the Granny."

Can't go wrong with a paper plate overshadowed by a large funnel cake of greasy goodness piled with syrupy strawberries and half a quart of whipped cream mountained on top.