Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was beautiful. We had lovely church services with excellent lessons and testimonies on the Savior and the events of the Atonement. As focused in General Conference, I appreciated those who talked about how hope and the Atonement go hand in hand. I know I forget to rely on my Savior and center my thoughts with an eternal perspective. Had Christ not lived a perfect life and taken upon my sins, I wouldn't be able to have the assurance that I could live with Him again in complete joy with my sweet hubby and wonderful family. If that's not cause to give you hope in trials, then you need to read the Book of Mormon.

(PS--These are my "blueberry" flowers. When I was growing up in Orem I would pick off each of the bells and mix them in the sand sifter that had mud for a Blueberry Mud Pie.)

Easter dinner was spent with the Whetten cousins (of whom Darcy is the only actual Whetten now). Darce invited us all to her place for the feast. Those in attendance were: Lindsay Jordan, Jarom Jordan and Ashley Haycock, Darcy Whetten, and Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Haycock. We had a potluck spread. Our tastebuds were delighted by "special meat" (what other families besides the Haycocks refer to as "roast") with potatoes and carrots, baked potatoes (alright, so we didn't coordinate that well), corn dogs (the biggest hit), fabulous Sangria and juice, and carrot cake. The joke of the night was that Lindsay was keeping the dessert she brought as a secret. Josh said, "She probably only has carrots under that foil". Ha-ha!
My Mr. Haycock surprised me with a giant Easter basket the day before. He lovingly rode his bike up to Riverwoods with me where I had my yoga class Saturday morning. I thought he would really enjoy riding his bike around the canyon trails while I was in class. But, apparently, he didn't ride the trails. Josh was there to meet me after class, an hour later, and we quickly pedaled home, trying to avoid the rain. It was unavoidable. I opened the door to find a trail of plastic eggs leading into the kitchen. There, oh wonder of wonders, was a huge (well, it was big but rather HUGE compared to Mom's old tiny vintage Easter baskets we grew up with--sorry, Mom, they are vintage) Easter basket complete with grass, plastic eggs containing Lindor dark chocolate balls, a bag of mint Ghiradelli chocolates, Reese's peanut butter eggs, and a large chocolate bunny. Is your mouth watering yet? He had biked all the way home (at my pace it takes 30 minutes) to set up the basket and then raced back to meet me in time.

Josh is incredibly good to me. All I did for him was hide plastic eggs filled with malt-eggs around the house while he was taking a nap. He still hasn't found all of them. He better get on it because I'm starting to forget where they are... Oh, and I introduced him to egg sandwiches--his new favorite.

Earlier last week we dyed eggs with our neighbors. This is how they turned out. Josh's globe egg is my favorite.

Green Wedding Shoes

I may or may not have spent all morning looking at this website. I found the link on Katie Bradley's blog and immediately got hooked. How can you not love these terribly romantic pictures?! Josh, can we please throw another wedding reception?!